Magda Mayas and Christine Sehnaoui both play acoustic music that is diametral, a space they conquered by changing the traditional ways of their instruments: modern alchemy. Together they express a strong physical experience. Mayas is a master of sparse fragments of motion and Sehnaoui works in a flux of changing sounds. The multiple layers of their performance create a shivering moment of existence, which reminds me of the words of the Danish artist Malene Bach: ”Art finds its own relevance in forming the alternative space, where utopias, dreams, intentions and everything, that we cannot agree exists, can articulate itself and take place.”

Thomas Millroth






Magda Mayas is a pianist and curator currently based in Berlin, Germany. Mayas studied jazz and improvisation at Universität der Künste, Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2001 under Misha Mengelberg and completed a diploma at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler under Georg Graewe in 2005.
During this time she began developing a specific set of techniques for inside-piano performance. Mayas has concentrated her musical investigations on the piano and its sonic possibilities, utilizing extended techniques, amplification and preparations as a process of abstraction, whilst focusing on the physicality of both internal and external parts of the piano.
As a continuation of this research Mayas founded the festival Tasten-Berliner Klaviertage featuring contemporary and innovative approaches for the piano. Mayas performs internationally in a variety of roles as interpreter, solo and in collaboration with a large number of musicians and composers: in a duo with Tony Buck, in the trio Phono Phono with Michael Renkel and Sabine Vogel, the Quartet Mayas/Nutters/ Olsen/Galvez and as part of the Amsterdam based N-Collective. Over the years Mayas has performed with many leading figures in improvisation such as Andy Moore, Steve Heather, Annette Krebs, Andrea Neumann, Axel Dörner, Michael Zerang, Johannes Bauer, Christoph Kurzmann, Thomas Lehn,Tristan Honsinger, Frank Gratkowski and Michael Moore.
Appears on:
• April 2003, “n-collective - News from Holland vol.1”, x-or records
• July 2005, Quartett CD “Mayas Nutters Olsen Galvez –
Dirty in the different tradition“ at fmr

• May 2007 Trio Cd “phono phono” at Absinth Records
• March 2008 Quartett CD "Mayas Nutters Olsen Galvez" at
creative sourcesPress:
“...Mayas has an ingenious way of using both the inside and keyboard of the piano to create sparse, tiny fragments of motion that are compatible with multiple layers of the musical context... she is definitely a leading light of the next generation of improvisors...” -Michael Anton Parker, Downtown Music Gallery